Beaver Creek - Dry Beaver Creek (MCGuireville Exit) to White Bridge - Mar 28, 2010 - Part I

We paddled Beaver Creek yesterday. It was nice, and was an adventure. Below is my trip report.

3/28/10 - Paddled Beaver Creek starting on dry Beaver Creek near the McGuireville exit, to White Bridge at 350 cfs [at noon, combined Wet (145) and Dry (208) Beaver gauges] with nine people in five whitewater kayaks, two inflatable kayaks, and one canoe. This was a good flow. The Verde was flowing at 1630 cfs at noon (Camp Verde gauge). The water in Beaver Creek was more clear than the Verde.

The creek flowed fairly continuously with lots of class II rapids but no class III. Strainers and twisty rapids required constant attention, but there was always a way through for those who chose the right path. It was fun, and never boring. We agreed that it was much more challenging than White Bridge to Beasley, but had no rapids comparable to the named rapids from Beasley to Gap. There were no pools to cross until we got to the Verde. There were beautiful white cliffs, huge sycamore trees (no leaves yet) and we floated by Montezuma’ Castle, and saw an eagle (someone said it was a bald eagle). There were some tires and other debris that had washed down the creek, and there were a few houses along the creek, some of which were very nice.

A father and son team in our group in a canoe flipped against a cliff early in the trip and the son did not enjoy the day after that. He did not have a wet suit. I offered him my short-sleeve dry top, but he said it was too small. We stopped for lunch where the flip occurred, and the swimmers warmed up quickly. After that, the son walked many of the rapids. In some places the canoeists walked the canoe through shallow rapids.

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