Colorado River - Potash to Spanish Bottom - September 19, 2004

This one went off the track right from the start. The first major storm of the fall season had us waking up on launch day to steady rain. Not drizzle, but genuine rain. The long-since-arranged plans had us scheduled for 8days/56 miles on the Green but the new options were: put in either at Ruby Ranch, Green River, or Potash. Although it didn't set well with us, we understood the situation with the road into Mineral Bottom and chose Potash. There were too many miles and too few days with either of the other plans. Initially dismayed as all GPS waypoints, guides, topos, hiking and layover plans were down the tubes. Didn't know squat about the Colorado compared to the Green.

Fellow river rats were George Heath out of Portland in a Sevylor SVX200 and Duncan McGehee from Baton Rouge in a SeaEagle 395. Both old Navy/Vietnam buddies. Neither had experience on either river so it was a semi-moot point for them. Blessing in disguise is how it turned out.

Tag-A-Long was the outfitter. It was nice to deal with them compared to the squared away but always grumpy Tex's Riverways. These two outfitters are the only ones permitted by the NPS for jetboat shuttles. All we required were the shuttle and toilet rental and they were satisfactory. The cost was approximately $130 per person.

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