Green River - Sand Wash to Swasey's Landing - July 26, 2008

As per the new permit allocation system for this section, monitored the BLM river calendar for available dates and called roughly 6 weeks prior to the desired launch date. The lottery method has been discontinued. Even though there were many openings, could not get the one planned upon. We would launch 3 days earlier. Was supposed to be a three-boat, three person trip but had one cancellation due to illness. That left Duncan from Ft. Worth and myself. Craft were 16 and 14 foot catarafts, lightly loaded. Neither of us wanted to lug heavy gear, oar in 100 degree heat, or fight headwinds. Thus light loads and very early starts enabled us to be off-river usually by 1 PM before the worst of the daily wind and heat.

Flow had been steadily ramping down from the spring high water and was an excellent beginner level of 3500 CFS on launch day. For the first three days, mosquitoes and horse flies followed Green River tradition and were horrible. They gradually disappeared from Steer Ridge on down. Weather was hot, hitting 100 plus for most, if not all days. For a change, only a couple of sprinkles and no rainstorms.

Used Desolation Outfitters based in Roosevelt for the shuttle which ran $195 for the single vehicle and trailer. Stagman was on top of our last minute takeout revisions and I would recommend them. BLM Price is the river manager.

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