Colorado River - Diamond Creek to Pearce Ferry - Oct 2, 2010

As with the 2008 Diamond Down trip, Allan and Michelle Watts arranged the NPS permits and shuttles. Trip personal and craft were in flux until shortly before the launch with a final total of 7 boats and 10 participants. Two hard shell kayaks, three IK's, one 14 ft raft, and a 16 ft cataraft. Captains, paddlers, and swampers included the Watts (Allan, Michelle, Maya, and Ted), the Couch's (Gene and Lucy), Leslie and Hartley, and the two solo's (Rich and Father Patrick). It was Leslie, Hartley, and Patrick's first multi-day whitewater trip but they did excellent. It was particularly nice to have Lucy along as she usually passes on multi-day trips. We were open-ended on campsites, especially for the first night but the thought was with this many new people, it would not be a good idea to transit, shuttle, rig, and run the rapids on opening day. So we planned for short on-water time for launch day. We all felt this was a good decision and with no one at Travertine Falls, it was the camp of choice.

Flow was a supposed constant 9200 CFS based on a steady release test from Lake Powell. Due to thundershowers, the flow was higher with noticeable spikes, especially on the 5th. Biting flies were apparent the first day and then faded, probably because of the rain/hail. Weather was extremely dynamic with jet-black skies, torrential rain showers, multiple hail storms, hot sunny spots, and was always a topic of conversation and comfort. Still when compared to the furnace heat of summer, this was not only tolerable, but very interesting.

River Runners Shuttle Service ,based in Meadview, provided the shuttle which ran $155 per vehicle. The price was reasonable, especially when compared to the alternatives. For each trip, we have had trailer issues. Broken axle in 2008 and bent tongue this year. In both cases, the trailers were undoubtedly overloaded but the road into Diamond Creek plays havoc with smaller trailers. Fortunately, we were able to creep the last mile to the river after bending the tongue. We altered the trailer loading for the return shuttle. The National Park Service is the river manager in conjunction with the Hualapais. Photo credits: Lucy, Gene, Michelle, Patrick, and Hartley. Video credits: Lucy.

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