San Juan River - Sand Island to Mexican Hat - April 24, 2006

From the very start, this trip was orientated to exploring various canyons and washes for pictographs, pectoglyphs, ruins, and artifacts. The results exceeded any of our expectations. If done later in the summer, the heat would have made this type of hiking more difficult and arduous. Mild temps and minimal wind, except for out day, made this near perfect. For the first time ever, traveled with a permit actually drawn from the BLM Monticello office (the new 2017 BLM web page) lottery instead of cancellation leftovers.

The amount of time spent on the water was very minimal. Perhaps three hours for the first five days and roughly eight on takeout. Would not have taken that long but capsizing a canoe in eight-foot delayed matters. Never realized an action-packer box could fill that fast with water.

The rustic and very low-key Recapture Lodge served as the provider for launch lodging and shuttle. The shuttle ran $35 and proved to be reasonably quick at both ends. Took an hour after calling on arrival in Mexican Hat to the van being in sight. The Desert Rose Inn, which served as out-day lodging, has better facilities but not the atmosphere. The final two days of the trip were spent car-camping/exploring Comb Ridge via upper Butler Wash.

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