Lake Powell - Antelope Point to Forbidding Canyon - Sept 21, 2002

I had been searching for a kayak trip that offered more days and miles than the usual weekend overnighters. With a relocation offer to Phoenix, this trip dovetailed nicely as an opportunity to get the van, trailer, and two kayaks moved cross-country. Also a prior week-long backpacking trip into the Rainbow Bridge area had been a memorable trip.

Lucy kept me company on the 2000 mile drive from Lawrenceville to Page. She then caught a puddle-jumper to Denver and the connect to Atlanta. It was great to have her along. If only the weather had fit in as nicely.

Phone conversations had indicated that although low water levels had closed the ramps at Antelope and Hite, a portage at Antelope would work. Was not enamored of Wahweap. The plan was to camp at Labyrinth, West, Wetherill, and Forbidding. Overnighters at Face and Grotto on the way back. The weather made a mockery out of the itinerary and in reality, the campsites were simply two unscheduled stops to wait out the storm before canceling totally.

Although loaded to the maximum, the kevlar Corona was the kayak of choice. No shuttle required as the van and trailer would stay at Antelope Point. Very worried about security as there has been incidents. Fortunately, even though the ramp was closed, the Nation was still providing a roving security pickup/guard. After contacting the guard, he stated that an eye would be kept on the van. Everything A-OK on exit.

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