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Resources for the Southwest Paddling/Rafting Community

Cannot remember what the flow was last month nor what canyon we camped in six years ago. Where was that waypoint file? Got tired of looking for the Green River gauge for the 20th time. Log books have a way of becoming lost. Web sites come and go as do manufacturers and outfitters.

This site is an attempt to overcome the frustration and wasted time in trying to keep up with those issues. PaddleOn provides a solution, at least for me, in helping to organize trip logs, photographs, and other paddling related resources. If it helps fellow paddlers and rafters navigate rivers of the Southwest, so much the better. Gene Couch

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San Juan River - Sand Island to Mexican Hat @600 CFS - 10/23
San Juan River - Sand Island to Mexican Hat - 10/23 @850 CFS
Rio Chama River - El Vado Ranch to Big Eddy @3700 CFS - May 2023
San Juan River - Mexican Hat to Clay Hills - 04/23
Gila River - Old Safford Bridge to Dry Canyon - 03/23
Gila River - Old Safford Bridge to Dry Canyon - 10/22
San Juan Upper Canyon - 09/22
New Mexico Road Trip - 05/22
Petrified Forest National Park 04/22
Blackwater Draw National Historic Landmark 04/22
El Malpais National Monument 04/22
Valley of Fires Recreation Area 05/22
Rio Chama River @1600 CFS - 05/22
White Sands National Park - 05/22
KOFA Wilderness Wildlife Refuge - 1/22
Green River from Mineral Bottom to Spanish Bottom - 04/21
Fall Colors on the San Juan - 10/20
Meteorite, Dinosaurs, and Fred - 09/20
Gila River - Old Safford Bridge to Dry Canyon - 02/20
San Juan River - Solo Sand Island to Mexican Hat - 11/19
San Juan River - Sand Island to Clay Hills - 06/19
Rio Chama River - El Vado to Big Eddy - 05/19
Chaco Canyon - Among the Big Ruins - 05/19
Gila River - Old Safford Bridge to Dry Canyon - 03/19
Mesa Verde National Park - A Few Days at the Ruins - 09/18
Portales NM - 50th High School Reunion - 06/18
San Juan - Solo Upper Canyon - 04/18
Verde Sycamore Creek to Lower Tapco RAP - 11/17
San Juan - Relaxed Upper Canyon - 09/17
Salt River Wilderness (ELF Slideshow) 08/17
Salt River Wilderness (ELF TR) - Gleason to the Bridge - 08/17
Rio Chama - El Vado Ranch to Chavez RAP - 06/17
Gila - Safford Bridge to Dry Canyon - 03/17
Carlsbad Caverns - Alternative Caves
Okefenokee Swamp - Paddling With Alligators - 01/02
Saint Joseph Bay - Florida Kayaking - 03/02
Animas - Durango Adventure Slideshow - 07/16
San Juan - a Buzzard Trip - 05/16
Chariots of the Juan - 05/15
Green - Split Mountain to Sand Wash - 06/14
Gila - Coolidge Dam to Winkelman - 02/14
Yampa - Deer Lodge to Split Mountain - 05/14
Lower Salt River - Navigation Study - 08/15
Scouting Trip - VOG, Lime Ridge, Butler Wash Slideshow - 08/15
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