Meteorite, Dinosaurs, and Fred - 09/20

Was searching for something to do when the springtime Chama and other scheduled trips cancelled and it became apparent nothing was happening for months. There was an opening for jet boat shuttle through Canyonlands for the usual Labyrinth/Stillwater run and return via the Colorado. Not excited but booked it in April for the day after Labor Day. In keeping with how this year’s boating has gone, launch day was predicted for 40+ degree drops in the temperature with 35+ winds. Then gradually getting better. With a low water/low temp/high wind trip for this section already under my belt, decided to pull the plug on boating and go as a tourist.

It was pretty much a wing-it week of day hikes. First time to make a point of looking for Dinosaur tracks. This is after Mark F. pointed out how nice the Moenkopi Dinosaur Tracks are just outside of Tuba City. Had already decided to make another effort to reach Upheaval Dome from the river if paddling, but settled on driving there instead.

I’ve used in the past to get waypoints and information for out of the way places, but actually spent some time at his site for this trip. Don’t know who this guy is, but he must live outdoors on a trail somewhere. Has over 1700 hikes documented and as far as I can tell, done them all himself. Both the Mill Canyon Trackway and Copper Ridge Trackway were worth an afternoon each.

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