Colorado River - Diamond Creek to South Cove - Oct 3, 2008

Allan and Michelle Watts arranged the NPS permits and shuttles. Originally planned as a 10 person/ 6 boat trip, we launched with 8 people and 5 craft. Only the paddle raft held more than a single occupant. Since we shuttled and rigged on launch day, it was a short day with only 5 miles to camp at Travertine Falls. There was current nearly to South Cove with Bridge Canyon Rapid being the last rapid not inundated by Lake Mead (excluding Pearce Ferry and Iceberg). If you don't have a putt-putt for the last 40-50 miles, be prepared for a lot of grind-it-out oaring.

Flow was a constant 13000 CFS due to a 'steady release' test from Lake Powell. Biting gnats made a small appearance during the night but essentially there were no bugs. Weather was excellent with a light shower on day 2 while temperatures hovered around the 80's during the day. Compared to the blast furnace heat of summer and springtime gales, conditions were near perfect.

River Runners Shuttle Service based in Meadview provided the shuttle which ran $140 per vehicle and trailer. The price was certainly reasonable, but am ambivalent with the results. The lightweight kayak trailer was delivered on the big trailer with a broken axle. The axle showed evidence of being cracked for some time. Within minutes of reaching pavement, one pickup was forced to replace a tire. Both easily could have been accidental and coincidental, but doubts linger. The National Park Service is the river manager.

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