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These river milage and feature maps are available for downloading in PDF format. The maps were created because these river sections never had a published guide available, or did not have one when these were created. The embedded river mile markers and river features are generally duplicated within the revelant GPS waypoint file. That waypoint file can generally be found within the main menu "Waypoint/Maps" item and would likely have the same name as the map name.

Typically the map layouy is designed for the goal of reading them while traveling in the downstream direction. In some cases this meant that the numbering scheme differs between actually using the map onriver vs the location of the page within the pdf file.

Caveat: These maps were created over a wide span of time using a variety of tools. They vary greatly in quality and stucture and no one should confuse them with a commercial product. If they are of some use to anyone, so much the better.

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Gila River Map from the Old Safford Bridge to Dry Canyon. River miles are referenced from the Old Safford Bridge.