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Videos from the PaddleOn Collection

PaddleOn videos for the most part were taken by myself using whatever digital camera was available at the time. Quality definitely improved through the years as hardware became better. I think if not me, credit was usually given in the PaddleOn About page to the trip member who did take the video.

Sam S. (U2metoo) has his own folder of videos. He does lots of great videos of sections I'm interested in, finally posted links to his YouTube paddling stuff. Also included is the miscellaneous YouTube or Vimeo video that for whatever reason, was interesting at the time.

Amazing how videos just don't capture how sketchy you could feel at times.

PaddleOn River Images
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Collapse Sam's (U2metoo) YouTube River VideosSam's (U2metoo) YouTube River Videos
Expand Dolores RiverDolores River
Expand GilaGila
Expand Gunnison GorgeGunnison Gorge
Expand Salt RiverSalt River
Expand San Miguel RiverSan Miguel River
Expand San Juan RiverSan Juan River
Expand Tonto CreekTonto Creek
Expand Verde RiverVerde River
Expand The RestThe Rest
Collapse AnimasAnimas
Expand Durango Day Run, 2016Durango Day Run, 2016
Collapse ColoradoColorado
Expand Diamond Down 2008 (Trip DVD)Diamond Down 2008 (Trip DVD)
Expand Diamond Down 2008 (Selected Videos)Diamond Down 2008 (Selected Videos)
Expand Diamond Down 2010 (Trip DVD)Diamond Down 2010 (Trip DVD)
Expand Diamond Down 2010 (Selected Videos)Diamond Down 2010 (Selected Videos)
Expand Diamond Down (Selected Killer Fang Falls Rapid Videos)Diamond Down (Selected Killer Fang Falls Rapid Videos)
Expand Grand Canyon Rapids (2008 and 2013 Trip Videos)Grand Canyon Rapids (2008 and 2013 Trip Videos)
Expand Grand Canyon (Selected Videos)Grand Canyon (Selected Videos)
Expand Grand Canyon (2009 Trip DVD - 10 Segments)Grand Canyon (2009 Trip DVD - 10 Segments)
Collapse GilaGila
Expand Gila (Selected Trip DVDs)Gila (Selected Trip DVDs)
Collapse GreenGreen
Expand Deso-Gray Selected VideosDeso-Gray Selected Videos
Collapse IllinoisIllinois
Trip DVD, May 2012
Miscellaneous Rapids, May 2012
Collapse Rio Chama (Trip DVD)Rio Chama (Trip DVD)
El Vado Ranch to Big Eddy, 2008 - Intro
El Vado Ranch to Big Eddy, 2008 - Trip DVD
Collapse SaltSalt
Expand Lower Salt Selected VideosLower Salt Selected Videos
Expand Upper Salt Wilderness (Trip DVD)Upper Salt Wilderness (Trip DVD)
Expand Upper Salt (Selected Videos)Upper Salt (Selected Videos)
Collapse San JuanSan Juan
San Juan River - 8 Foot Rapid in an IK 900cfs - Oct 2023
San Juan River - Ledge Rapid in an IK 900cfs - Oct 2023
Expand May 2011 (Trip DVD)May 2011 (Trip DVD)
Expand Oct 2012 (Trip DVD)Oct 2012 (Trip DVD)
Expand Oct 2014 (Time Lapse Video)Oct 2014 (Time Lapse Video)
Expand May 2015 (Trip DVDMay 2015 (Trip DVD
Expand Hanging around River House Ruin on the San JuanHanging around River House Ruin on the San Juan
Expand Chariots of the JuanChariots of the Juan
Expand Rapids (Selected Videos)Rapids (Selected Videos)
Collapse Tonto Creek - u2metoo/Doug Green VideosTonto Creek - u2metoo/Doug Green Videos
Rye Creek RAP to Tonto Creek RAP at 200 CFS - Dec 2012
Tonto Gorge - Wes Hall Memorial - Jul 2013
Collapse Verde Verde
Expand Desert Paddlers VideosDesert Paddlers Videos
Expand u2metoo/Ted Watts Videosu2metoo/Ted Watts Videos
Collapse YampaYampa
Expand May 2014 (Trip DVD)May 2014 (Trip DVD)
Expand Yampa  (Selected Videos) - May 2014Yampa (Selected Videos) - May 2014